Greenbelt Solar Lights Added

Soar lights have been added to the greenbelt for added ambiance and light for night time walks. Please respect  and enjoy them! 


Due to vandalism, the lights were stolen while others were broken. We will not be replacing these at this time. 

Benches in the Greenbelts

Benches have been added to the greenbelt areas for your enjoyment!

Signs Posted

It was determined at a board meeting that the development was in need of "No Trespassing" signs to help us keep non-residents from using the property.  This had not been a problem until certain people didn't clean up after themselves and their animals.  While we at Hawes Manor espouse a good neighbor policy, we also expect the same in return.  If you see someone trespassing who doesn't belong in the development don't hesitate to notify Mesa Police.


Community Watch

We have seen some graffiti, discarded needles, and people that are not residents of Hawes Manor in our greenbelt areas. PLEASE call the non-emergency police line to report suspicious behavior. Let's work together to keep Hawes Manor safe. 

Ramada Usage

City of Mesa Curfew Ordinance

It is unlawful for a minor under the age of sixteen (16) years to be in, or upon a public street, sidewalk, alley, right-of-way, or other public place in the City between the hours of ten (10:00) pm and five (5:00) am.

Hawes Manor

HOA Dues

HOA dues are $210 a quarter. As prices have gone up for both water and landscaping, this increase was necessary. The landscapers will now upkeep our greenbelts all 12 months instead of 9, and make our community vibrant with plant life again. .

Please use the Ramada and the trash can responsibly! The Trash can is NOT for personal garbage from homes, but for garbage from parties/BBQ's held at Ramada, junk mail, or trash you find around the community. Please refrain from using it as an overflow container. 

Walls Painted 

The community walls were painted in the spring of 2019. The paint color is from Home Depot, Behr Paint. 

Exterior Flat

Rio Bravo